OxEO: asset-level environmental risk intelligence driven by earth observation

Introducing Oxford Earth Observation (OxEO).
October 26, 2018

Voluntarily-disclosed company-level data is currently insufficient to help fund managers identify, manage, and mitigate long-term environmental and social risks. This is because the disclosed data generally lacks the geospatial granularity necessary to inform investment decision making. Oxford Earth Observation (OxEO) helps investors incorporate the materiality of social and environmental risks within their decision making process by providing high-resolution analysis of these risks at the asset-level.

We combine earth observation data, world-leading science, and proprietary asset-level information to provide forward-looking risk exposure projections on a global scale. We provide this decision-ready risk analysis to fund managers to help them make more informed decisions, and achieve superior financial returns while mitigating adverse social and environmental impacts.

OxEO was founded in 2018 by Alex Money and Lucas Kruitwagen, who met at the University of Oxford. Between us, we have a strong background in investment management, environmental risk, remote sensing and machine learning. Alex is a former fund manager, with over 25 years of experience in industry and academia. He directs a research programme at the Oxford Smith School. Lucas is an engineer whose doctoral research at Oxford on remote sensing and asset-level data is helping to define this emerging field of applied science. We are motivated by the potential for data to empower investors to change the world for the better.

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