About OxEO

OxEO was founded in 2018 by University of Oxford academics to change how capital is deployed to real assets that impact the environment and society.

OxEO makes location-specific analysis of environmental and social risk exposure of large fixed-capital assets available to investors. OxEO's platform ensures this information is current and complete and is available on-demand for a universe of companies, industrial sectors, benchmark portfolios, and geographies.

Founding Team

Alex Money

CEO & Founder

Alex is a former fund manager with over 25 years experience.

Lucas Kruitwagen

CTO & Founder

Lucas is a machine learning researcher focussed on applications for sustainable finance, specialised in earth observation.


Gordon Clark

Emeritus Professor, Pension Fund Governance, University of Oxford

Stuart Martin

CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult, UK Space Leadership Council

OxEO is also supported by a number of government and commercial incubators.

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