Oxford Earth Observation


Oxford Earth Observation applies predictive models to data extracted from satellite imagery. We derive location-specific assessments of environmental, social and governance risk exposure for large fixed-capital assets.

Earth Observation

OxEO derives insight by the distributed downscaling of a massive corpus of remote sensing imagery. OxEO is agnostic to sensing platforms and can establish risk baselines informed by 35 years of observations.

ESG Fundamentals

OxEO has expertise in the fundamentals of environmental, social, and governance risk and delivers insights based on observed data not proxied by estimates or reporting.

Predictive Modelling

OxEO develops forward-looking perspectives on risk using the best available science applied to observed data covering relevant climate and development scenarios.


OxEO is building a platform to provide operational insight into a range of environmental, social, and governance risks.


OxEO’s founders are members of the University of Oxford. Our team is expanding to include climate modellers, geospatial scientists and software developers. The company is part of ESA BIC UK, an incubation programme supported in part by the European Space Agency. Our shareholders include the Satellite Applications Catapult. For more information please contact us.

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