Oxford Earth Observation

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Sustainability by place, from space.
OxEO's insights derive from earth observation: the next best thing to ground truth.
Seeing is believing
Real asset ownership data should be a public good. OxEO is helping to make this happen.
Beyond rent-seeking
OxEO works at the cutting edge of science and reports uncertainty fairly.
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What we do

OxEO uses remote sensing, machine learning, and climate science to identify and measure the sustainability risk exposure of real assets, based on their unique attributes and geospatial location. We aggregate these risks to provide insights across companies, portfolios, and geographies.

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Who we are

Spun-out from Oxford University, our team combines world-leading research with cutting edge data science and engineering.

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Company news

The problem and our solution.
July 18, 2021

OxEO announces its pre-seed round.

Our product-market fit journey (so far)
July 18, 2021

Finding innovators amidst a surge of ESG investing.

Seeing is believing
July 18, 2021

OxEO uses climate models to project future risk - but backstops them with historic observed remote sensing data.

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